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Some AfCFTA Opportunities(commercial) you can start looking at today

  1. Product Testing and Reviewing Services
  2. 3D Printing Services in Africa
  3. Cross border Digital Marketing Expert
  4. Packaging Material advisory and Printing Services
  5. Local AfCFTA Community and Coaching
  6. AfCFTA and Intra African Trade Media. Content generation
  7. Translation Services
  8. Copywriting Services
  9. Legal Services
  10. Product Warehousing and Transportation
  11. Physical Product Designer
  12. Product Influencer

More AfCFTA Opportunities

  1. AfCFTA Product Investor(for manufacturers)
  2. AfCFTA Historian
  3. Reclycler of Made in Africa Products
  4. AfCFTA focused Blockchain Solution Companies
  5. AfCFTA Bloggers
  6. Climate compliant advisors
  7. Third Party Fulfilment Centers
  8. HR Agency (Technical Recruiter) for Trade Staff,and new emergent jobs due to AfCFTA
  1. University/Polytechnic/College campus ambassadors. Paid advisory and curriculum Delivery
  2. AfCFTA and Intra African Trade Online Events Marketplace.
  3. AfCFTA Paid Newsletter
  4. AfCFTA and Trade Job Portals
  5. Product Researchers
  6. Product Catalogue and Brochure Designers
  7. Maker Space for SMEs. Hardware and Software.
  8. Trade Data Analyst. Expert at using AfCFTA Online Tools
  9. Product Prototype Foundry for Made in Africa, high skilled gadgets. And other simple Products
  10. Convener of AfCFTA Expo and Events
  1. AfCFTA Historian. Pristine knowledge of how we got to this point.
  2. AfCFTA dedicated TV, Radio, Podcast, Magazine.
  3. Industrial Robotics and Software Applications firm
  4. AfCFTA Compliance Consultant
  5. Machines and Tools rental platform for makers( shared Economy)
  6. Product Photographer
  7. Product Image Illustration and Product Specification Copywriting
  8. Product Video Creation.
  9. SME Sales/Accounts/Inventory Data Analyst
  10. AfCFTA Business Model/Development Consultant

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