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Look for opportunity gaps and use your experience and expertise to Manufacture for eCommerce or as an SME brand within AfCFTA

Apart from products that you are used to manufacturing over the years, AfCFTA will bring new product (goods and services) opportunities. We at AfCFTAconnect will like you to view it that way. It’s an opportunity to raise your income, create jobs and industrialize our great continent, Africa.

This opportunity can be discovered as a missen feature in a product. It could also be, because a product to fill that gap doesn’t exist at all. The opportunity can also be discovered as a problem or deficiency in a current product. Or even a non-performing marketing strategy,which your brand can take advantage.

One simple way to know opportunity gaps will be to consume information on what people are saying about specific products or sectors, that you find interesting. Read product reviews online and customer feedback reports, and turn their comments or complaints into opportunities. The features or new products ,they wish to have are manufacturing opportunity gaps ,that you can tap into. You do this by manufacting the products yourself or look for a manufacturer within Africa that can do it.

Experience and expertise are strong competitive advantage for people that can use them. We at encourage you ,to use this personal skill to your advantage. When you add your experience and expertise to an opportunity gap you have detected, a stronger product(goods or services) would emerge. Your digital marketing skill, copyrighting skill,negotiating skill or even web development skill, can be merged with a physical product opportunity gap.

This would make you perform better, than your competitor,that doesn’t have that advantage.

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