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The AfCFTA has started and the need to serve the market with products and services, that the consumers are willing to buy and pay for, is of great importance.AfCFTA brings with it, a trading area that allows SMEs to birth big ideas as a product or service, and sell them to a big market (comprising millions of Africans and people outside the continent).

Today,in SME Product Opportunities within AfCFTA, we will be sharing product ideas within the Mobile Phones, PC, and other Gadget accessories space,They can be manufactured in Africa. These products can be handmade, by SMEs trained to design and manufacture them.

1. Mobile Phone ,Tablets and Laptop Stands

As the number of mobile devices and other gadgets continues to increase across Africa. It brings the opportunity of Made in Africa accessories, which makes the main electronic products, easy to use. These device stands can be made from plastic, metals, and wooden materials. These materials are all available within Africa. We just need to see more collaboration between designers, manufacturers, marketing platforms, innovators etc. SMEs and investors can take advantage of this product opportunity area.

2. Bags and Packers

Bags and Packers are always needed by users to make the carrying of devices easy and they also help to protect the devices from specific hazards. This set of products, when manufactured can help to create more jobs in Africa. People such as the textile industry workers, designers, machine maintenance engineers, and even the staff involved in the sewing of the bags and packers. Innovation can also be brought in, by using Africa themed designs and fabrics, and also including charging outlets on them. Bags and packers can be made for laptops, tablets, smartphones, baby gadgets, and mobile accessories. These accessories include cables, chargers, and hubs.

3. Gadget organising Trays and Holders

Gadget organizers can be made by creative SMEs and large furniture manufacturers within Africa. This device serves multiple purposes. They help the user to organize the gadgets including smartphones, wristwatches, eyeglasses, pens etc. This will ensure that many of your essential devices are organized in one place, using one product. It can be made from wood and sold within AfCFTA. This will help deepen the gadget accessory market in Africa and create jobs.

4. Gadget Cleaning Kits -Solution and Material

This gadget surface disinfectant helps to remove viruses and bacteria on hard and soft surfaces, effectively sanitizing and helping to mitigate the spread of viral pathogens from virtually any surface. They can also be used on TVs and other bigger gadgets. Microfiber materials and cleaning tissue paper are also used to apply them in many instances. This will contribute to the textile sector and more jobs will be created. This is important, especially with the COVID-19 virus and other viruses, bacterias, and germs that stay on uncleaned surfaces. They are harmful to human health.


5.Laptop,Smartphone and other gadgets Stickers

Pasting stickers on gadgets is one way some people have expressed themselves. They paste these stickers on their devices to show their love and passion for something. All of these stickers can be designed and manufactured in Africa. This will further boost the business activities of the design,printing and paper market in Africa. Africa themed stickers will be loved by youths, especially the tech-savvy and sport loving ones, that always love good ways to express themselves. African brands sticker packs can also be created, people would purchase packs that includes brands they love.

6. Leather Accessories

Leather accessories are loved by people who value them. These leather items could range from Laptop bags, smartphone pouch, tablets leather case, and business card holders. Africa has a good supply of quality leather and can tap into the opportunity presented by this accessories market. It will also create jobs and increase exports from Africa to the rest of the world. AfCFTA will really benefit from leather accessories manufacturing.

With all the opportunity areas listed above, there is no doubt that if actions are well taken, a lot can be achieved by SMEs within AfCFTA. We wish you Goodluck in your AfCFTA Projects.

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